About Farmer’s Bakehouse

Farming is in our blood.

Since 1914 when our great grandfather bought land near Dubbo, 4 generations later we are still a family of farmers.

Our Story

In 2009 we started the journey to what is now known as Farmers Bakehouse. As the owner I am proud of the business we have developed but even more pleasing is who we are as a contributing part of this community.

My Family came to Dubbo in 1914. Since then we have been known as a family who contributes to the community and Farms for a living. My working life started off in Farming and my interest in the Farming community is still strong. Farmers Bakehouse was the obvious choice of names given my own background and where I have come from. I am blessed with a skilled team of Bakers, Pastry Cooks and Customer service staff. We are focused as a business and as a team on producing quality baked goods and providing great service.

I welcome you to try our breads, pastries, pies and sweet goods and hear your feedback on Facebook or Instagram.

Welcome to Farmers Bakehouse,
Bart Shanks (owner & founder).

Farmer's Bakehouse Handmade Bread

A modern day artisan bakery

Farmer's Bakehouse Bread Rolls

Bart had no experience in baking prior to purchasing the business but has learnt from other bakers to help to create our diverse range. We bake many styles of breads which we showcase at the local Farmers Markets and our baking team really love making specialty cakes because it offers us a new challenge every week, since we tailor make to each customers’ order.

When we started the business in 2009, we had two locations with the names Westbake and Eastbake, in reference to where they were in Dubbo. In 2018 when we decided to refresh the stores, we thought this was the perfect time to change the name as well.

The Farmers Bakehouse name comes from Bart’s own family background. His Great Grandfather Robert Shanks moved to Dubbo in 1914 and ever since, the family has been farming and doing business in the Dubbo community. Four generations later they are still a family of farmers, proud of producing quality products and contributing to our local community. 

A passionate team of bakers and pastry cooks

Bart’s brother Ben, father Robert and Grandfather Jack are still on the farm. They grow winter crops and produce 2nd cross lambs. Bart spent the first 12 years after school on the farm with them, then decided on a change into hospitality which led to buying the bakery.

During a very challenging 2018 with such a dry year on the land we sent out our left over bread to feed sheep. Bart likes to say the lambs were fed our breads because in September 2018 we sold lambs that made $344/head, something we believe is still a national record for lambs. 

Farmer's Bakehouse Artisan Loafs

Today, our business is much like our family

Farmer's Bakehouse Artisan Bread

When he was farming, Bart says you would see a stand of Lucerne, a full hay or grain shed or a winter crop in a good season that filled you with a sense of pride and a job well done. Nowadays it’s our pies baked with a golden pastry or the smell of fresh baked breads or cakes coming from the oven that gives you that same feeling and personal satisfaction knowing you have made something to a high standard and its very rewarding. 

As a business we are also conscious of how we involve ourselves in the local community and contribute where we can. Recently we’ve started looking at this in a broader sense, focusing our attention to reducing our carbon and waste footprint. We feel we have an obligation to significantly reduce the environmental impact of our business. 

Today, our business is much like our family – ever changing, ever growing but always true to its roots. From our family to yours, welcome to the Farmer's Bakehouse.

Our Products

Here at Farmer's Bakehouse we are constantly striving to produce innovative, new products. Come behind the scenes and see the process behind some of our favourites.

Farmer's Bakehouse Artisan Bread